Troubleshoot Problems With Your Automobile

Troubleshoot Problems With Your Automobile

Restore your vehicle with car electrical repair in the Raleigh & Brandon, MS area

Don't let a faulty computer get you mixed up about when you need to change your oil. If you're getting an error message on your dashboard that doesn't make sense, reach out to S & R Auto Electric. Our car electrical repair gets your car in full working order.

You can count on us to:

  • Repair wires
  • Hunt down problems
  • Reprogram the computer
  • Replace worn components
Call 601-782-4772 today to speak to a technician about car electrical repair in Raleigh, MS.

Auto electric repair keeps your car's systems fully functional

As issues pop up with your car, don't keep ignoring them. Auto electric repair and troubleshooting early on can prevent bigger problems down the line. We also work on big truck deletes, including your DPF and EGR systems.

Deletes enhance the performance of your truck and help you increase your engine efficiency. Getting rid of the DPF, or Diesel Particulate Filter, in your diesel engine lets you access more power and saves you the trouble of cleaning the filter.

Contact us now to request auto electric repair in Raleigh, MS.